Edik and I had sort of an argument today

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Sometimes I really don’t understand gals… I mean, if I was a hot chick, and 3 fellas in a car offered me a ride… I would definitely get suspicious and most likely wouldn’t take a risk. But this hot girl got in the car without doubt. I assumed that meant she was an adventurous person who would love something exciting to happen to her.. something like real public sex! So I offered her 100 bucks for tits flash almost right away. And guess what, she agreed to do it, and even more than that! She gave me a blowjob in the car and let my buddies do her, too! You can see it all in our hot amateurish porn movie

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Hot brunette gal was walking a dog. My buddy and I followed her for a while, thinking over whether we should go pick up the girl or not. When she noticed us behind her, that was a point of no return. Cause I guess we already creeped her out. So I asked her if she had a cigarette and started a conversation… Luckily, my pickup kitten was friendly and easy-going. She liked meeting new people, especially hot boys. And she enjoyed sex in public places with strangers, too 🙂 What a coincidence! We couldn’t miss that opportunity and went for outdoor fucking right there on the roadside!

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This babe is a beautiful blonde bimbo. You know, the next door type we all love so much. She has the whole package required: she’s fun, marvelous, easy-going. My only concern was that she wouldn’t fall for money. Still, there were other ways to get the girl interested in filming a reality sex scene. Thrill and excitement. These were the main reasons why she agreed to show nude milk cans in the fitting room and why she followed us to a mystery put where we made a video of hot chicks public fuck. Unforgettable experience, that’s what she wanted

I want you to meet our new hot pick up g

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I am a fucking genious! It’s not easy to

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I waited for a really nice weather to co

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