The Principal’s office is where discipli

the Principal’s office is where discipline is dished out and tough lough is a daily theme. Though, Prinicipal Diesel is abusing his power when he has a student, Cherish Red, play the skin flute on his big black rod moments before he’s to meet with her mother. The list of violations by Cherish Red reads a mile long and her mother, Dee Siren, will do everything to make sure her daughter receives a cap and gown at the end of the semester. A mother’s love knows no limits as Dee Siren succumbs to Principal Diesel’s flirting. Cherish sees a whole new side of granny as she is on her knees trying to syphon swarthy ejaculatory fluid from Shane’s big, black penis. cherish Red is her mom’s cheerleader as twelve thick inches slide down her gullet and nearly cause the school nurse to rush in to administer C.P.R. Cherish and her mom get fully naked-and Cherish gets a glimpse into the future as far as how chubby her mangos are need to grown. 2 generations of white chicks lay on the Principal’s desk and take in as much big, black dick as their slit can handle without getting torn apart. Hopefully the school’s janitor won’t listen in as the Principal goes from white snatch to white snatch inflicting as much damage as possible while ensuring Cherish Red’s academic future. Dee Siren, almost forgetting that she’s married, bends over and takes in Shane’s back dong like an skyscfuckr rolling into a tunnel. These white honeys play the skin flute and fuck Shane and the department of education wouldn’t be too happy to see Cherish Red draining a huge, black ramrod onto her mother’s face. Then again, Cherish got an up-close education in learning to be a black cock bitch.

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