My boy and I have a business arrangement

My boy and I have a business arrangement where we loan naive white boys money they can not get from banks. Today’s mark couldn’t get the cash together to pay me and my boy back. The interest rate alone was high enough let alone the money we lent him. We took him back to his mamma’s house so this man could say goodbye to her before we carved him up. Back at his put is where we discovered his old bug all pissed at him for getting in really deep with a pair of ex-cons that could make him disappear forever. Teri Weigel begged and pleaded that we don’t fuck up her only son but the empty wallets we had in our back pockets reminded us that payback was in order. The only thing this single old bitch had going for her was chubby breasts and a grin on her face saying that she was in desperate need of a couple of well-hung black pricks. We knew we had a crazy white wench on our hands the moment this babe made her son watch as we used her mouth to jam our giant blacks ramrods in. We took turns pounding that white vagina that junior came out of and it soon turned beet red. The slut screamed louder than any scream I ever heard while locked up and this babe was soon begging for some ebony goo. We took turns glazing her face as her son watched with tears in his eyes. White people are truly gangbanged up.

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