My son is such a fine boy and that’s why

My son is such a worthwhile boy and that’s why I couldn’t believe the kind of crowd this mate was mingling with. He came home while two ebony thugs were roughing him up. They says me that he owed $10,000 or else I’d be calling the coroner to get his body.I knew by the tattoos and clothing that they were the kind of mates who have done time before. Yet again my son wrote a check his butt couldn’t cash and that is when mommy comes in to fix things. I am a housewife so my funds are very limited but I know black men love seasoned white slit. I gave up some booty but I knew my son had to watch so I wouldn’t ever got to worry about him again. Both black guys whipped their dicks out and my jaw dropped once I saw what I was about to play with. My knees got rug burn as I went back and forth on 2 heavy swarthy rods that nearly snapped my jaw like a twig. My white pussy was about to get drilled like never before and my eyes kept rolling in the back of my head. Every so often I’d catch a glimpse of my son in disbelief but I was more concerned with fascinating these big swarthy boners all the way until I could not take it anymore. My ONCE tender vagina soon became a pool of ebony sperm after both mates shot me full of seed. My son might be having a ebony baby brother in about 9 months.

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